New Poetry from Bulgaria: MARGARITA SERAFIMOVA

“This set includes poems about the anguished euphoria of passionate desire (No. 1), the visionary ontological promise of finding a soulmate (No. 8-9), the transformative power of interpersonal human dedication against the odds (No. 7), as well as poems from the islands of Milos and Ikaria in Greece (No. 3 and 10) and Lamu in Kenya (No. 4-6).…

Julia Secklehner | 22/02/2019

‘Poet and Freedom’: Taras Shevchenko Music and Poetry Evening, by Jekaterina Drozdovica

The 9th of March 2016 marked the two hundred and second anniversary of the birth of the great poet, Taras Shevchenko, who helped form the country’s national consciousness and – apart from being its foremost national bard – is also widely known as a kind of Ukrainian prophet. In his lyrics Shevchenko condemned the autocracy of the Russian Empire…

Jekaterina Drozdovica | 18/03/2016