Hungarian Jews arriving at Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1944

The Eternal Void: Remembering the Hungarian Holocaust, by Monica Porter

This year has been Holocaust Memorial Year in Hungary, the land of my birth.  Seventy years ago, in 1944, the Nazis marched in to accomplish what the Hungarian government had signally failed to do: deport to Auschwitz the country’s approximately 800,000-strong Jewish population. In two short months 437,402 Jews were transported to the death camp,…

Monica Porter | 30/11/2014
budapest23 II

The Hungarian Uprising: Writer Monica Porter remembers 1956

Each year on 23 October, the anniversary of the outbreak of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, groups of Hungarians meet to commemorate the historic episode, wherever they are, whether in Hungary itself or amongst the global diaspora. For my compatriots, 1956 symbolises everything of national significance – the yearning for independence, the fight against tyranny, the…

Monica Porter | 26/10/2014

‘Russia, Ukraine and International Sanctions’: Valeriya Stepanuyk visits the panel discussion at Pushkin House (10/07/2014

Pushkin House is famous as an oasis of Russian culture in London – not only does it answer the nostalgia of a post-Soviet diaspora, but also familiarizes the British public with current trends in Russian arts, history, philosophy and politics. With many people’s minds now occupied with the Ukrainian crisis, Pushkin House hosted a panel…

Valeriya Stepanuyk | 16/07/2014