PLAY POLAND PREVIEW: Exhibition of Polish Film Posters


Play Poland, the Polish film festival taking place across the UK in November 2016, has not only in recent years deepened UK audiences’ knowledge of Polish film, but has a website designed to provide insight into different aspects of movie making in Poland throughout the late 20th century. This includes a virtual exhibition platform about…

Julia Secklehner | 17/11/2016

MADE IN PRAGUE REVIEW: ‘The Noonday Witch’ (Sádek, 2016): an ambitious blend of nightmarish folklore and contemporary psychodrama


Emerging Czech director Jiří Sádek has pulled off quite a coup with his feature debut Polednice (The Noonday Witch), an ambitious blend of nightmarish folklore and contemporary psychodrama. Not only has he secured the refined household-name Ana Greislerová for the lead part, but also managed to produce a highly-polished piece of cinema to live up…

Oliver Buxton | 13/11/2016

PREVIEW: ‘Chuck Norris vs. Communism’ with special guest Irina Margareta Nistor, ‘the most famous voice of Communist cinephilia’ – Romanian Cultural Institute 11/11


In 1985 Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Romanian dictator, was in his twentieth year of Communist rule. The country was culturally isolated, all forms of external media choked off, and in a cost and energy-saving exercise Ceaușescu cut state TV from two channels to one, limiting broadcasting to two or three hours a day. As in other Eastern Bloc…

Jo Varney | 03/11/2016

HUNGARY 60: ‘Distorting Mirrors’ (Lajos Péter) – a tale of 1956


Sixty years have passed in the blink of an eye. Yet for many who are still alive, Distorting Mirrors (written by Péter Lajos and directed by Dave Spencer) brought back memories of 1956 so vividly it was as if it were yesterday when a peaceful student-spurred demonstration turned into one of the bloodiest uprisings against…

Kata Karath | 02/11/2016

EXHIBITION REVIEW: Brâncuși – the Unknown Portrait: marooned at the Star Gallery


This year marks the 140th birthday of Constantin Brâncuși (1876-1957), perhaps the best-known Romanian artist of his time. To commemorate the life and work of the modernist sculptor, artist Raluca Popa has created a series of works exhibited at Europe House’s 12 Star gallery. The selection is small, comprising only eight works that should show…

Julia Secklehner | 01/11/2016

PREVIEW: Made in Prague Arts Festival, London 5 Nov – 2nd Dec 2016

 20th Made in Prague Festival 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Made in Prague Festival. To celebrate this special jubilee we have decided to put together an eclectic mix of films, theatre, art and music that we feel passionate about and want to share with our London audience.  The varied programme also gives us…

Robin Ashenden | 31/10/2016

HUNGARY 60: 1956 – Whose Revolution Exactly? A CEEL exclusive by writer and poet George Szirtes

Writer and poet George Szirtes left Budapest as a child-refugee in 1956. Now, surveying the country 60 years later, he finds a Hungary not so different from the one he left.  _______________________________________________________ Just about now, every year, Hungarians commemorate the outbreak of the Uprising of 1956. This year is special. It is the sixtieth anniversary.…

George Szirtes | 21/10/2016