DANCE REVIEW: ‘L’OM DADA’ at Sadler’s Wells – an electric atmosphere of triumph


A rocking chair and a wooden bench are illuminated in the dimness of the theatre. One man sits holding his head on the bench; the other reclines in the rocking chair with a sombre expression. They are Gigi Caciuleanu and Lari Giorgescu, both subtle and full of graceful power. Immediately, they enter into a strange,…

Andreea Scridon | September 30, 2016

The Annual Salon of UK-based Romanian Artists


The Romanian Cultural Institute in London is hosting, for the second consecutive year, The Annual Salon of UK-based Romanian Artists. The theme is the celebration of Shakespeare’s life and work, 400 years after his death. This year’s artists are different from last year’s but the format stays the same: an exhibition-cum-sale. The artists – Anna…

Camelia Ciobanu | September 30, 2016

EXHIBITION REVIEW: CEE Art at the Start Art Fair (Saatchi Gallery)


The third edition of Start Art Fair was held from 15th to 18th September, in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery, in a favorable environment which felt more like an exhibition than a market place. The fair was brought to life by Prudential Eye Programme, a scheme to nurture emerging artists, focussed primarily on the Asian region. …

Anett Gecov | September 25, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Delivery Boy’ by Kállay-Saunders Band


András Kállay-Saunders is thirty-one years old, and born in NYC to a Hungarian mother and an American father, who was Lou Reed’s bass-player for many years. Kállay-Saunders now lives in Hungary after representing them in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest – but there’s nothing particularly Hungarian about this album. It comprises eleven well-performed and well-produced…

Ian Mole | September 24, 2016

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘The Wawel Dragon’: ‘Unleash your inner child…’


The theatre company Gods and Monsters and directors Nastazja Domaradzka and Phil Willmott  have adapted the Polish story The Wawel Dragon: the story of a people fighting the legendary monster by the Wawel Castle – one of Poland’s foremost tourist attractions. The story goes thus: Princess Wanda inherits the throne over the Wawel kingdom from her…

Paula Erizanu | September 20, 2016

‘The Politics of Societal Digestion’ (Delfina Foundation) – Tomáš Uhnák’s fascinating tour of London’s alternative food world


As part of Delfina Foundation’s program The Politics of Food: Markets and Movements, artist Tomáš Uhnák organised a day-long walk that showcased the city’s alternative ways of food distribution and consumption — all in different locations and involving various characters who joined us along the way. By the end of the day, the whole affair…

Sofia Gurevich | September 17, 2016

Ukrainian Artist Olga Pryymak and the tea-tasting ritual: ‘to explore the mind and heal’


On a September Sunday evening at the Harrick Gallery, there’s a strange image: about twenty people are standing and sitting around and everyone’s holding a small cup, and they’re talking about shamanistic practices and the effects of herbal tea. As the group notices my presence, the circle opens up for me, and the discussion continues.…

Anett Gecov | September 10, 2016

REVIEW: ‘Burning Doors’ (Belarus Free Theatre) – ‘incinerating the line between performance and real life’


Incinerating the line between performance and real life, Belarus Free Theatre’s Burning Doors drives home that the right to express yourself, through art or even plain thought, is still behind an iron curtain in some – even European – countries. Within Soho Theatre’s flashing neon exterior, BFT shows – through the stories of Russian political…

Kata Karath | September 8, 2016