BOOK REVIEW: ‘Old Farts. Short Stories about Aging from Romania’ (Centrala, 2017) by Sorina Vazelina – ‘real and imagined stories, funny and heart-breaking at the same time’


An unassuming little book from the outside, Old Farts opens up a fantastic world at the inside. Author Sorina Vazelina (Sorina Vasilescu), a graphic storyteller from Romania, has filled the pages with short stories in comic form that talk about aging – candidly self-aware that these thoughts come from someone in their early 30s. The bookconsists…

Julia Secklehner | 14/01/2019

Polish History in 6 minutes: Short animated videos presenting Poland’s historical impact on the world

Women fighting for Polish independence – Video 6′  Polish women fought for Poland’s independence including in the battle of Monte Cassino which was won by the Allies in 1944. Find out more about brave Polish women fighting for Polish independence throughout history.   Poland’s underground state – 6’ The Polish Underground State (Polish: Polskie Państwo…

Julia Secklehner | 31/12/2018

Film Review: ‘Bridges of Time’ (Briede & Stonys, 2018) – ‘a film that charmed and delivered its message with a warm heart’


Here’s the thing. Imagine living in a society where self-expression is strictly censored. When you go to the cinema, in the images and stories you see, people are most valued as cogs in the state machine. Imagine also that you’re a documentary film-maker, passionate about revealing the lived experience of people in their day to day…

Alison Miller | 21/12/2018

CZECH100 Made in Prague REVIEW: ‘The Limits of Work’ (Rychliková, 2017) + Q&A – ‘Heroism is not to speak out but to stick it out.’


‘Be glad you have work’, is written on a toilet wall, and added underneath: ‘You know best, asshole.’  In the award-winning documentary The Limits of Work, journalist Saša Uhlová goes undercover to reveal what it’s like to experience working conditions in the lowest paid jobs in the Czech republic. Getting up at 5am and leaving her husband…

Alison Miller | 16/11/2018
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Thom Artway – a rising talent from the Czech Republic

Already one of the most respected young musicians in the Czech music scene, this talented artist is ready to be crowned Czech’s best music export. Having already notched up memorable performances at this year’s Great Escape and Europe’s largest music and cultural festival Sziget and won the first Czech Fresh – the music project led…

Julia Secklehner | 14/11/2018