Review of Ginger Polish Restaurant, Cricklewood: by Robin Ashenden


This is something of a find – a cozy little Polish restaurant on Cricklewood Lane opened a year ago by its Krakowian owners. Sandy brick walls and new pine tables, Polish cable on a screen, and tea candles twinkling on the tables. Arty young Polish types sit at a table in the corner (they look…

Robin Ashenden | 30/04/2014

Corneliu Porumboiu: The Youngest Voice of the Romanian New Wave, by Lidia Meras

Almost a year ago, an Iranian blogger based in London published an article on his recently deceased hero, Romanian actor and film director Sergiu Nicolaescu, who turned his hand to politics after the fall of Ceauşescu. In post-revolutionary Iran, Nicolaescu was well known: the adventures of Inspector Moldavan (Nicolaescu’s onscreen alter ego), a combination of…

Robin Ashenden | 30/04/2014

Darragh McKeon – All That is Solid Melts into Air: Reviewed by Jonathan Karstadt

On gazing at a ward full of young children born with horrific defects due to fallout from the Chernobyl disaster, Grigory Brovkin is preoccupied with the “beauty and ugliness resting within the single body of a diseased infant. The two faces of nature brought into stark relief.” Such contrasts are manifold in the story of Grigory; we…

Robin Ashenden | 29/04/2014