‘Prah’ premiere: Kasia Wroblewska reviews György Spiro’s new play.


Ignition Stage, a small professional theatre company from Manchester, have taken upon themselves the challenging task of translating and producing Prah, a new play by celebrated Hungarian writer George Spiro, and the result is a considerable success for them. What would happen to your life-situation, your sense of self, your closest relationships if you won the…

Robin Ashenden | 15/05/2014
gay hussar exterior (2)

Robin Ashenden reviews the Gay Hussar Restaurant, Soho


The Gay Hussar, a Soho institution and the only Hungarian restaurant in Britain, has been in the news much over the last couple of years. In Autumn 2013 a decision by Corus hotel group  to sell the place drew loud protests from its loyal habitués.  A press-campaign was started to preserve the restaurant, where leftish…

Robin Ashenden | 15/05/2014
loving mayor

KINOTEKA: Jonathan Karstadt reviews Sławomir Fabicki’s ‘Loving’.


Even in these liberal times, violence against women remains a stain on our society; a recent survey by the European Union’s Agency for Fundamental Rights found that one third of women living in the EU have been victims of sexual violence at some point in their adult lives. Most of these cases go unreported, while…

Jonathan Karstadt | 13/05/2014

Robin Ashenden reviews Tatra Polish Restaurant, 24 Goldhawk Road.


Tatra is a Polish restaurant in Goldhawk Road that comes garlanded with recommendations. It won the Archant Food and Drink award for Best Modern European Restaurant in 2009 and has scarcely looked back since, with numerous listings in ‘100 Best of’  Restaurant Guides, and a healthy crop of internet-salutes from happy diners. But from my…

Robin Ashenden | 13/05/2014
dracula house (2)

Robin Ashenden reviews Dracula House Restaurant, Harlesden.


Londoners used to sleek décor in their restaurants will probably not take kindly to Dracula House Restaurant in Harlesden. Walking through its door is not so much entering a time-warp as crossing from one side of Europe to the other. The white linen-rectangles on its limp pink table-cloths, the cruet-sets and little triangles of serviette…

Robin Ashenden | 11/05/2014
the parade 1

Asterios Bobolis reviews Srdjan Dragojevic’s ‘The Parade’ (Matchbox DVD 2013)

More than a decade after his legendary debut Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996), a watershed in post-Bosnian-War cinema, the imaginative director Srdjan Dragojevic shook the foundation of Balkan conservatism with his new creation Parada (The Parade, 2011). In this the  theme is familiar and is none other than that traditionally colourful Former-Yugoslavian palette, consisting of every…

Asterios Bobolis | 06/05/2014

Conrad Clark reviews ‘Lasting’ (Jacek Boruch, 2013), KINOTEKA

Lasting, a film by Polish director Jacek Boruch. takes a close-up look at the young love of a Polish couple who meet while working in rural Spain before returning home to attend university. The intimate love story that blossoms in the warm Spanish sun turns bleak, and is drained of its spirit by the time…

Conrad Clark | 06/05/2014
the girl from the wardrobe3

Sam Turner reviews ‘The Girl from the Wardrobe’ (Kinoteka Festival)


The Girl from the Wardrobe is an unconventional and involving story of friendship set against the drab surroundings of a Warsaw council estate. From its imaginative opening scene, introducing the main protagonist staring at a low-flying Zeppelin passing over grey suburbs, to the powerful and unexpected ending, the film gradually draws the viewer into a world where witty fantasy and harsh reality mix. This private world is…

Robin Ashenden | 06/05/2014
romanian food

Romanian Food expert Nicolae Klepper writes about his country’s cuisine

The question “What’s Romania’s cuisine like?” is not an easy question to answer, because Romania’s cuisine is the product of a whole series of historic, geographic, and religious influences. The result is a rich variety of specialties – from the tasty, hearty, and nutritious dishes of the peasant and shepherd, to the gastronomic, French influenced,…

Robin Ashenden | 05/05/2014

London’s Little Sofia – by Ian Mole

The Pressure Group Migrationwatch predicted, at the end of last year, that a combined figure of 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians would arrive each year in the UK once restrictions were lifted in January. However, this forecast now belongs to the same category as bird and swine flu: the influx has failed to take place and…

Robin Ashenden | 04/05/2014