London’s Little Sofia – by Ian Mole

The Pressure Group Migrationwatch predicted, at the end of last year, that a combined figure of 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians would arrive each year in the UK once restrictions were lifted in January. However, this forecast now belongs to the same category as bird and swine flu: the influx has failed to take place and…

Robin Ashenden | 04/05/2014
bison 2

Mickiewicz, Bisons and Białowieża: by Mary Lussiana

‘ The wild hop wreathed upon the currant bush; The service tree with shepherdess’s blush; The hazel like a maenad clad with shapes Of thyruses and nut brown pearls like grapes. The forest children shorter than the rest, The hawthorn with the elder on his breast And blackberry to the tips of raspberry pressed…. The…

Robin Ashenden | 02/05/2014
Ambassada - Playing the guitar with Hitler

KINOTEKA: ‘Ambassada’ – Asterios Bobolis reviews Juliusz Machulski’s new WWII Comedy


What would the world be like without WWII? What would have happened if Hitler has been murdered or accidentally killed? Aspiring writer Przemek (played by Bartosz Porczyk) is preoccupied with the period before WWII, searching obsessively through historical sources which bring him unexpected revelations. Hitler has accidently been killed and his body-double Lepke (Robert Wieckiewicz)…

Asterios Bobolis | 02/05/2014
robert bereny

Robert Bereny: One of the Hungarian ‘Eight’

  “Tuesday 6 May, 7pm (Private view) Hungarian Cultural Centre 10 Maiden Lane, London WC2E 7NA Exhibition open: 7 May – 13 June Opening hours: Mon-Thur 10am – 5pm, Fri 10am – 2pm EXHIBITION One of The Eight – Róbert Berény Works from a private collection Curator: Gergely Barki”  (HUNGARIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE)

Robin Ashenden | 02/05/2014

Dreamscape. Songs and Trios by Andrzej & Roxanna Panufni

“New album released by Signum Classics as part of Panufnik Centenary 2014. : Original Release Date: 5 May 2014 Label: Signum Records A unique programme of works by father and daughter. Sir Andrzej Panufnik was a leading Polish composer of the 20th Century, and his daughter Roxanna has made a name for herself in her…

Robin Ashenden | 02/05/2014

Robin Ashenden | 01/05/2014

Review of Autograf Polish Restaurant, Turnpike Lane N.15: by Robin Ashenden


Autograf was the first of the crop of Polish restaurants to open in North London, and is a cosy enough little place. With its timbering,  open brick and  colour palette of orange and chocolate brown (even the radiators are painted in this colour) it is uncompromisingly unfashionable, and probably the better for it. There is…

Robin Ashenden | 30/04/2014
Baltic Restaurant, Southwark

Review: Baltic Restaurant, Southwark, by Robin Ashenden


Nobody doubts that Chef Jan Woroniecki knows how to run a good restaurant. His Wodka, opened in the days when Polish restaurants in London were relatively rare, gained a reputation as a place where the food and atmosphere were as enjoyable as its Kensington backwater surroundings. Wodka is now closed and Woroniecki has moved on…

Robin Ashenden | 30/04/2014

Review of Ginger Polish Restaurant, Cricklewood: by Robin Ashenden


This is something of a find – a cozy little Polish restaurant on Cricklewood Lane opened a year ago by its Krakowian owners. Sandy brick walls and new pine tables, Polish cable on a screen, and tea candles twinkling on the tables. Arty young Polish types sit at a table in the corner (they look…

Robin Ashenden | 30/04/2014

Corneliu Porumboiu: The Youngest Voice of the Romanian New Wave, by Lidia Meras

Almost a year ago, an Iranian blogger based in London published an article on his recently deceased hero, Romanian actor and film director Sergiu Nicolaescu, who turned his hand to politics after the fall of Ceauşescu. In post-revolutionary Iran, Nicolaescu was well known: the adventures of Inspector Moldavan (Nicolaescu’s onscreen alter ego), a combination of…

Robin Ashenden | 30/04/2014