The Russian Virtuosi of Europe

‘The Russian Virtuosi of Europe’ with Boris Grebenshikov at Cadogan Hall, reviewed by Eugenia Ellanskaya

What better place for Londoners to submerge themselves in Russian culture than Chelsea? Here the Russian language can be heard at virtually every street-corner, the area a favourite residence and leisure hotspot for many well-off expats. But it’s not just about the clichéd luxurious world of Meet the Russians: some truly soulful glimpses of Russian culture…

Eugenia Ellanskaya | 18/01/2015

Preview: Enescu Month in London 22/01 – 07/02/2015

@ RCI London & Southbank Centre   “The Enescu Month in London (23 January – 7 February 2015) is the culmination of more than 7 uninterrupted years of memorable soirées dedicated to the totemic figure of Romanian symphonic tradition and organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in association with the Enescu Society of London. Bringing together…

Robin Ashenden | 12/01/2015
pink_stalin (3)

‘Post Pop: East Meets West’ at the Saatchi Gallery, reviewed by Patricia Manos

The idea of home or homeland, in the last 25 years,  has figured heavily in interpretations of Cold War-era and ‘post-Socialist’ art. The reasons for this lie in several things: the steering of that conversation by emigrés, the developed world’s pornographic fascination with the ruin left by a failed utopia, and US pop culture’s love…

Patricia Manos | 11/01/2015

Preview: Serbian Month in Great Britain 2015: 13 January to 28 February

“Serbian Month in Great Britain about to commence Premiere of a British-Serbian theatre piece (un)decorated about Milunka Savić and Flora Sandes The premiere of theatre piece (un)decorated is to take place on Tuesday, 13 January, at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, which will kick off the traditional Serbian Month in…

Robin Ashenden | 11/01/2015
SofiasLastAmbulancePoster (2)

‘Sofia’s Last Ambulance’ (Metek, 2012) reviewed by Depo Olukotun


Sofia’s Last Ambulance, Bulgarian director Ilian Metev’s 2012 documentary about a battle-hardened crew of paramedics, has ‘grit’ written all over it. The Bulgarian capital Sofia, the accompanying text informs us, has in a city of 1.2 million just one ambulance to every 92,500 people. The anticipation grows when you read the film was a winner…

Depo Olukotun | 02/01/2015

Photographer Ellie Yonova at the BCI, reviewed by Evgeniya Yarkova

The dreamlike photography of Ellie Yonova is exhibited at the Sofia Gallery as a part of the 3rd London Festival of Bulgarian Culture. Inspired by Bob Fosse’s bold and dynamic Cabaret, a series of Opuses seems to awaken musical associations. Using primarily light, glass, water and natural objects like flowers, Yonova uncovers her own technique and style: one characterized…

Evgeniya Yarkova | 27/12/2014

Tena Štivičić’s ‘3 Winters’ at the Royal National Theatre, reviewed by Evgeniya Yarkova


3 Winters at the Royal National Theatre tells the 60-year story of a Croatian family living in Zagreb. Written by Croatian Tena Štivičić, it’s her first play shown at the National, her previous works having brought her recognition across Europe and numerous awards. In 2006 Štivičić was included into the Royal Court’s list of 50 most…

Evgeniya Yarkova | 19/12/2014
sofia_large (2)

Bulgarian Auteur Poster Art: ‘Favourite City’ at the BCI, reviewed by Jo Varney

The exhibition Favourite City at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute  is one of the final events in this year’s London Festival of Bulgarian Culture, and the first London Exhibition of contemporary Bulgarian poster and graphic design.  Curated by Anna Simeonoff,  co-founder of the online Sophia-based graphic arts platform PlakatKombinat and a designer specialising in posters, book covers and…

Jo Varney | 17/12/2014
a jester's tale man and woman

Karel Zeman’s ‘A Jester’s Tale’ (Czech, 1964) reviewed by Oliver Buxton


In the shadow of Prague Castle, not far from the famous John Lennon Wall where messages of peace and love abound, the Muzeum Karla Zemena celebrates the life and work of Karel Zeman, director of several groundbreaking films with powerful anti-war messages. Zeman has been inexplicably under-appreciated within his own country as well as without,…

Oliver Buxton | 10/12/2014