Romanian Centenary Celebrations Review: ‘War, Feminine’ – an entertaining and informative discussion about women’s role in the Great War


To commemorate the role Romanian and British women played in the First World War, the Romanian Cultural Institute recently hosted a panel discussion with journalists and scholars to complement their current exhibition of the same name. With the occasion of this year’s Romanian centenary, the event explored how women contributed to the achievement of a…

Andreea Scridon | 03/04/2018

HUNGARY 60: 1956 – Whose Revolution Exactly? A CEEL exclusive by writer and poet George Szirtes

Writer and poet George Szirtes left Budapest as a child-refugee in 1956. Now, surveying the country 60 years later, he finds a Hungary not so different from the one he left.  _______________________________________________________ Just about now, every year, Hungarians commemorate the outbreak of the Uprising of 1956. This year is special. It is the sixtieth anniversary.…

George Szirtes | 21/10/2016
Radovan_Karadžić_1984_arrest (1)

The Search for the Balkan War Criminals – a Frontline Club Event with Julian Borger, by Rachel Nicholson

Julian Borger’s The Butcher’s Trail: How the Search for the Balkan War Criminals Became the World’s Most Successful Manhunt is a historical account – which ‘reads like a thriller’ – of the largest manhunt in history since World War II. Author and journalist Adam Lebor chaired the Frontline Club’s panel discussion about Borger’s book, which…

Rachel Nicholson | 15/03/2016