Image by Pyotr Pavlensky

Opening: Belarus Free Theatre’s ‘Burning Doors’ with Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina

‘What happens when you are declared an enemy of the state simply for making art? Where do you belong when your government suppresses your basic right to expression? And how do you survive in one of the most brutal prison systems in the world?  Our brand new production, Burning Doors, blends sensuous theatricality and vigorous…

Robin Ashenden | 28/08/2016

FILM REVIEW: ‘Self Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter’ (Lungu, 2015) at the Revolution in Realism Romanian Film Festival


Self Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter, Ana Lungu’s 2015 debut-feature, follows – or rather studies – Cristiana, its title character, in her daily environment. Long, pensive sequences give the viewer a voyeuristic impression of a young woman’s life as she pursues her PhD, her amorous and familial relationships, and the acquisition of a dog. As…

Andreea Scridon | 25/06/2016

OPEN CITY DOCS REVIEW: ‘Depth Two’ (2016): Ognjen Glavonić’s coolly devastating account of submerged Balkan atrocities


There’s no shortage of documentaries about Balkan atrocities – it’s virtually a sub-genre on Youtube – but few have been as affectingly or coolly told as Ognjen Glavonić’s Depth Two, which deals with events during the NATO bombing of Belgrade in 1999, when – soon after – a truck containing 53 unidentified dead bodies was…

Robin Ashenden | 21/06/2016

REVOLUTION IN REALISM: The Biggest Ever UK Showcase of Romanian Cinema

‘In recent years Romanian films have won prizes and praise a-plenty: it’s time to explore what makes them so special! The Romanian Cultural Institute in London an the British Film Institute proudly announce the opening of ‘Revolution in Realism: The New Romanian Cinema’ – the biggest showcase of Romanian cinema ever to have taken place in Britain, and possibly beyond. Do not miss…

Robin Ashenden | 01/06/2016

Papercut Theatre: ‘I’m Not Jesus Christ’ (Manolescu, 2007) at Theatre N16


‘How many children dream of being Jesus!?’ This question echoes throughout Maria Manolescu’s I’m Not Jesus Christ, and we all learn in this blackly comic tale that the answer is a contradictory one. Written by Maria Manolescu in 2007, I’m Not Jesus Christ showcases both British and Romanian actors, with a pleasing mixture of accents…

Kata Karath | 16/05/2016