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Georgi Djulgerov’s ‘Buffer Zone’ (Bulgaria, 2014) reviewed by Valenka Navea


We were lucky to have acclaimed director, Georgi Djulgerov at the screening of Buffer Zone at the 3rd Festival of Bulgarian Culture on December 4th. ‘This is an important film for me as it’ll be my last,’ he announced. ‘Through this film, I’d like to honour the great cinema of the 50’s and 60’s, because…

Valenka Navea | 09/12/2014
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Krzysztof Kieślowski: The Decalogue 25th Anniversary Retrospective, by Kieron Connolly

If you know any of the films of Krzysztof Kieślowski, it’s probably his final works: the Three Colours films (1993-4), The Double Life of Véronique (1991) and Decalogue (1989), his cycle of films loosely based on the Ten Commandments. But when Decalogue first brought him to the attention of the West, Kieślowski had already been…

Kieron Connolly | 28/11/2014
within the whirlwind gulag

Emily Watson in ‘Within the Whirlwind’ (Gorris, 2009), reviewed by Esther Harper


Within the Whirlwind (Gorris, 2009) is a screen-adaption of Eugenia Ginzburg’s written memoirs, the book of the same name and the earlier Into the Whirlwind in which she tells of her experiences during Stalin’s Great Purge and beyond. Although these books recount two distinct periods of Ginzburg’s life, before and during the years she spent as…

Esther Harper | 28/11/2014
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Made in Prague: ‘Velvet Terrorists’ reviewed by Jonathan Karstadt


For Czechoslovakia, the 1980s ended in a mood of optimism as its citizens anticipated a future of freedom and democracy:  the peaceful Velvet Revolution had disposed of the country’s 41-year communist regime. But the rest of the decade was not covered in such glory. Since the quashing of the Prague Spring by the Soviets in…

Jonathan Karstadt | 23/11/2014
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GODS (BOGOWIE), dir. Łukasz Palkowski, reviewed by Colin Swatridge


‘This film, brilliantly done, can ONLY be understood by the Polish people.’ This comment was posted by a proud Pole in response to Leslie Felperin’s Guardian review of Bogowie, published on 23 October 2014. I am not a Pole, and have no Polish, but I saw the film the week before in south-east Poland, in…

Colin Swatridge | 19/11/2014
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Made in Prague: ‘Nowhere in Moravia’ (Krobot, 2014) reviewed by Eleanor Janega


Czech cinema has a long and celebrated tradition of dramatic comedies based on village life.  Director Miroslav Krobot has added the dark, apathetic, and enjoyable Nowhere in Moravia (Dira u Hanusovic)  to this canon, with a cast taken primarily from Prague’s award-winning Dejvice Theater. Set in the Jesenik Mountains in Northern Moravia, the film centres…

Eleanor Janega | 17/11/2014
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Made in Prague: Zdeněk Jiráský’s ‘In Silence’ reviewed by Jonathan Karstadt


On the 26th November 1941 Anna Flachová, an aspiring ballerina who had been studying the discipline at Ivo Váňa Psota’s prestigious ballet school in Brno, received the order to be transported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. She was 13 years old. She survived the horrors of internment at Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, and went on…

Jonathan Karstadt | 15/11/2014
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Made in Prague: ‘The Great Night’ (Hátle, 2013) reviewed by Eleanor Janega


The Great Night (Velká Noc) from director Petr Hátle is a hard-hitting documentary centred on the underbelly of Prague’s nightlife, and the 2013 winner of Best Czech Documentary Film at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, as well as the 2014 Golden Kingfisher Award at the Finále Plzeň.  Shot entirely at night, the film follows…

Eleanor Janega | 15/11/2014
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Play Poland: ‘Parasite’ (Sasnal, 2013) reviewed by Evgeniya Yarkova


The fuming suburban landscape of Moście district in Poland becomes the scenery for the third film from Polish directors, Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal, Parasite (Huba, 2013). Premiered at the Berlin Film Festival last year, Parasite is now one of the films included in the Play Poland Film Festival in London. Their two previous films, the prize-winning It Looks Pretty…

Evgeniya Yarkova | 15/11/2014
the good driver smetana

Made in Prague Special Event: Free Streaming of ‘The Good Driver Smetana’

Made in Prague Bonus film: The Good Driver Smetana (Dobrý řidič Smetana) As a special bonus of the Made in Prague festival the Czech Centre is offering to all the visitors of its website free streaming of The Good Driver Smetana (Dobrý řidič Smetana). The bizarre case of the Olomouc bus driver Roman Smetana, who…

Robin Ashenden | 14/11/2014