Florin Piersic Jr’s ‘Freak Show’ reviewed by Camelia Ciobanu


Humanity is by no means short of afflictions and artists never tire of exposing them. One of these exposés is Florin Piersic jr.’s latest theatre project Freak Show, which has just made it to London’s West End. The play is in Romanian, and is the ultimate one-man show –  written, directed and acted by Piersic…

Camelia Ciobanu | 02/02/2015
ida 3 (together) (2)

‘Ida’ (Pawlikowski, 2013) at Ognisko Kinoclub reviewed by Patricia Manos


There are many reasons to see  Pawel Pawlikowski’s Ida (2013) aside from the impressive list of awards and nominations attached to it, and the lead performance is one of them. It must be difficult to give substance to a character with so little dialogue, but Agata Trzebuchowska conveys the reticence and awkwardness of the main…

Patricia Manos | 26/01/2015
savic dark

Serbian Month 2015: ‘(un)decorated’ reviewed by Jo Varney


(Un)decorated  is the opening event from the seventh ‘Serbian Month in Great Britain′, which this year runs between 13 January and 28 February. It’s a drama set on the Balkan front in 1915, and at its heart are the stories of three women:  British adventuress Flora Sandes (1876—1956);  Serbian shepherdess-turned-fighter Milunka Savić (1890—1973) and the…

Jo Varney | 19/01/2015
SofiasLastAmbulancePoster (2)

‘Sofia’s Last Ambulance’ (Metek, 2012) reviewed by Depo Olukotun


Sofia’s Last Ambulance, Bulgarian director Ilian Metev’s 2012 documentary about a battle-hardened crew of paramedics, has ‘grit’ written all over it. The Bulgarian capital Sofia, the accompanying text informs us, has in a city of 1.2 million just one ambulance to every 92,500 people. The anticipation grows when you read the film was a winner…

Depo Olukotun | 02/01/2015

Tena Štivičić’s ‘3 Winters’ at the Royal National Theatre, reviewed by Evgeniya Yarkova


3 Winters at the Royal National Theatre tells the 60-year story of a Croatian family living in Zagreb. Written by Croatian Tena Štivičić, it’s her first play shown at the National, her previous works having brought her recognition across Europe and numerous awards. In 2006 Štivičić was included into the Royal Court’s list of 50 most…

Evgeniya Yarkova | 19/12/2014
a jester's tale man and woman

Karel Zeman’s ‘A Jester’s Tale’ (Czech, 1964) reviewed by Oliver Buxton


In the shadow of Prague Castle, not far from the famous John Lennon Wall where messages of peace and love abound, the Muzeum Karla Zemena celebrates the life and work of Karel Zeman, director of several groundbreaking films with powerful anti-war messages. Zeman has been inexplicably under-appreciated within his own country as well as without,…

Oliver Buxton | 10/12/2014
buffer zone crowd on roof (2)__1418121541_31.51.71.129

Georgi Djulgerov’s ‘Buffer Zone’ (Bulgaria, 2014) reviewed by Valenka Navea


We were lucky to have acclaimed director, Georgi Djulgerov at the screening of Buffer Zone at the 3rd Festival of Bulgarian Culture on December 4th. ‘This is an important film for me as it’ll be my last,’ he announced. ‘Through this film, I’d like to honour the great cinema of the 50’s and 60’s, because…

Valenka Navea | 09/12/2014
kieslowski (2)

Krzysztof Kieślowski: The Decalogue 25th Anniversary Retrospective, by Kieron Connolly

If you know any of the films of Krzysztof Kieślowski, it’s probably his final works: the Three Colours films (1993-4), The Double Life of Véronique (1991) and Decalogue (1989), his cycle of films loosely based on the Ten Commandments. But when Decalogue first brought him to the attention of the West, Kieślowski had already been…

Kieron Connolly | 28/11/2014
within the whirlwind gulag

Emily Watson in ‘Within the Whirlwind’ (Gorris, 2009), reviewed by Esther Harper


Within the Whirlwind (Gorris, 2009) is a screen-adaption of Eugenia Ginzburg’s written memoirs, the book of the same name and the earlier Into the Whirlwind in which she tells of her experiences during Stalin’s Great Purge and beyond. Although these books recount two distinct periods of Ginzburg’s life, before and during the years she spent as…

Esther Harper | 28/11/2014