Ukrainian Artist Olga Pryymak and the tea-tasting ritual: ‘to explore the mind and heal’


On a September Sunday evening at the Harrick Gallery, there’s a strange image: about twenty people are standing and sitting around and everyone’s holding a small cup, and they’re talking about shamanistic practices and the effects of herbal tea. As the group notices my presence, the circle opens up for me, and the discussion continues.…

Anett Gecov | 10/09/2016

Identities In-Between: the Ethno-National Under Scrutiny – at the Romanian Cultural Institute, by Julia Secklehner

Identities In-Between was a panel of three presentations at the Romanian Cultural Institute, which considered different ways national and ethnic identities in East Central Europe could be explored. Jan Fellerer (University of Oxford) looked at the now Ukrainian city of L’viv, also known as Lwów in Polish and Lemberg in Germany, in the 1890s and…

Julia Secklehner | 02/03/2016