DANCE REVIEW: ‘L’OM DADA’ at Sadler’s Wells – an electric atmosphere of triumph


A rocking chair and a wooden bench are illuminated in the dimness of the theatre. One man sits holding his head on the bench; the other reclines in the rocking chair with a sombre expression. They are Gigi Caciuleanu and Lari Giorgescu, both subtle and full of graceful power. Immediately, they enter into a strange,…

Andreea Scridon | 30/09/2016

LCP Dance Theatre: ‘Escape’ – ‘we emerge to the surface gasping for breath, …more alive than before’


Distant gaze downwards, slightly tilted head, lips tightened into a bitter curve – it’s the face of someone remembering hard times. Without a single word spoken, Escape by Joanna Puchala confronts us with the literal embodiment of one long memory of exhaustion, doubt, fear, endurance and hope, a refugee’s journey searching for freedom. Hidden just around…

Kata Karath | 10/08/2016

Volya Male Voice Choir and Podilya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, reviewed by Ian Mole


The audience at the London Ukrainian Club were, on 12th March 2016,  entertained by the Volya Male Voice Choir and Podilya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, which had travelled down from their base in Manchester. There was something of a family atmosphere in the hall as, over two hours, we were given a short series of dances alternating…

Ian Mole | 14/03/2016
blatny featured

‘Poets of the City (Vitka – Blatný – Jan)’, reviewed by Jo Varney


Poets of the City was a one-off performance, last Friday, at the Oxford House theatre in Bethnal Green – a triple bill of dances performed by the excellent ProART group, a diverse theatre company established in Brno in the Czech Republic since 2004. Their philosophy is to combine traditionally separate media into a multi-genre mode…

Jo Varney | 04/02/2016

ZIC ZAC: Romanian Dance Group interviewed by Robin Ashenden

‘Zic Zac’  is the brainchild of Romanian-Hungarian dancer and choreographer Andrea Gavriliu, who developed the show at college with her friends Stefan Lupu and Gabriel Costin. The show presents an intriguing face-off between a man and a woman, following them through the many different phases of a love-affair, and it opened to considerable acclaim in…

Robin Ashenden | 29/05/2014