Youth on the March! Film Season: ‘Little Vera’ (1988) by Vasili Pichul

Famous for being the first Soviet film to show frontal nudity, Little Vera, played by Natalya Negoda, is a small-town girl trapped in the soul-deadening environment of a provincial port town. A chance meeting with handsome student Sergei makes her claim she is pregnant. He obligingly marries her and moves in with her dysfunctional family.…

Julia Secklehner | 27/06/2018

Youth on the March! Film Season: ‘Assa’ (1987) by Sergei Solovev

This cult crime film is widely seen as bringing Russian rock music from the underground into the mainstream. The main plot takes place in winter of 1980 and tells the story of a young nurse (Tatyana Drubich) who stays in Yalta with her patient and lover, Krymov, head of a criminal gang.  She meets Bananan,…

Julia Secklehner | 13/06/2018

Youth on the March! Film Season: ‘Courier’ (1986) by Karin Shakhnazarov

Special prize winner at the 15th Moscow Film Festival, Shakhnazarov’s witty comedy, a Russian equivalent of The Breakfast Club,  follows teenager Ivan Miroshnikov, who dealing with his parents’ divorce and failing to make it into university, get a job as a delivery boy. He is ironic, careless, provocative. He meets Adidas clad Katya, daughter of…

Julia Secklehner | 30/05/2018

Youth on the March! Film Season: ‘Falling Leaves’ (1966) by Otar Iosseliani

This Georgian debut by Otar Iosseliani follows Nico, an idealistic young worker who begins work at a state-run wine collective only to struggle with the immoral way the factory is run.  Falling Leaves is a complex meditation on factory life, disappearing rural traditions and Georgian history.

Julia Secklehner | 02/05/2018