Most! + Q&A with director Jan Prušinovský and screenwriter Petr Kolečko

provocative and politically incorrect comedy miniseries, Most! has won over the Czech TV audience and became the most talked-about show of 2019. Set in the city of Most it revolves around pub bum Ludan, who owes money to the local mafia boss, but has just lost his job thanks to his racist comments. Finding refuge…

Julia Secklehner | 08/11/2019

23rd Made in Prague Film Festival

The 23rd edition of the not-to-be missed Made in Prague Festival returns with an exciting range of new films mapping contemporary Czech society. Opening with the comedy-mini series Most!, an exhilarating and provocative portrayal of a local community and the biggest cultural and social phenomenon since 1989, and closing with The Nagano Tapes, the stirring…

Julia Secklehner | 23/10/2019

CZECH100 Made in Prague REVIEW: ‘The Limits of Work’ (Rychliková, 2017) + Q&A – ‘Heroism is not to speak out but to stick it out.’


‘Be glad you have work’, is written on a toilet wall, and added underneath: ‘You know best, asshole.’  In the award-winning documentary The Limits of Work, journalist Saša Uhlová goes undercover to reveal what it’s like to experience working conditions in the lowest paid jobs in the Czech republic. Getting up at 5am and leaving her husband…

Alison Miller | 16/11/2018

CZECH100 Made in Prague REVIEW: ‘Insects’ (Švankmajer, 2018) – ‘an extraordinary project’


Jan Švankmajer adapting a play by the Čapek brothers: this combination alone suggests that Insects must be an extraordinary project. Based on Karel and Josef Capek’s Pictures from the Insects’ Life (1922), filmmaker and artist Švankmajer has created a surreal comedy, which is pieced together by scenes from the actual film and behind-the-scenes insights. It starts…

Julia Secklehner | 07/11/2018

MADE IN PRAGUE Filmfestival: ‘Winter Flies’ (Omerzu, 2018)

A delightfully unsentimental and joyful road movie through the Czech countryside featuring two teenage boys making a break from home in a stolen Audi. Mára, a tough-talking teen and Heduš, eccentric and permanently positive, set off on an adventure in a stolen Audi with no aim other than the desire to experience and enjoy. Driving…

Julia Secklehner | 04/11/2018

MADE IN PRAGUE Filmfestival: ‘Červená’ (Sommerová, 2017)

An inspiring portrait of a fascinating, indefatigable woman, the vivacious and utterly charming world-famous 92-year-old opera singer Soňa Červená. The charming and vivacious 92-year-old opera singer, Soňa Červená tells her incredible personal story reflecting 20th century European history. Having lost her father in a Nazi concentration camp and her surviving mother in a communist prison…

Julia Secklehner | 04/11/2018

MADE IN PRAGUE Filmfestival: ‘Angel of the Lord 2’ (Strach, 2016) + Workshop for children

Petronel, an inept angel and Uriah,his devil side-kick are sent to Earth to retrieve the Apple of Knowledge in this humorous and award-winning family fairytale. A humorous adventure featuring inept angel Petronel and Uriah, his devil side-kick. Wanting a better job than guarding Heaven´s gate, Petronel listens to Uriah and plucks the Apple of Knowledge…

Julia Secklehner | 04/11/2018

MADE IN PRAGUE Filmfestival: ‘Bear with Us’ (Pavlíček, 2018) + Q&A with director Tomáš Pavlíček and actress Ivana Chýlková

A deadpan comedy about a family spending a final night in their weekend cottage is a reminder of the early films of Milos Forman and Jaroslav Papoušek’s Homolka trilogy. A middle aged couple (Ivana Chýlková and David Vávra) decides to sell their beloved but no longer visited weekend cottage bringing the whole reluctant family under…

Julia Secklehner | 03/11/2018

MADE IN PRAGUE Filmfestivak: ‘Insects’ (Švankmajer, 2018)

An amateur drama troupe rehearse the Čapek Brothers’ The Insect Play exploring human/insect characters in the latest from surrealist director Jan Švankmajer. An amateur drama group led by a highly-strung director who also takes on the role of Mr Cricket rehearses the Čapek Brothers’ The Insect Play.  The actors’ lives intertwine with the characters; the…

Julia Secklehner | 03/11/2018