Film and Q&A: Jiří Brdečka – Master of Czech Animation

A selection of Brdečka’s best animated shorts featuring among others a daring hymn to free thinking (Gallina Vogelbirdae; 1963 Grand Prix Winner at the Annecy International Animation Festival), a Gothic tale inspired by 17th Century woodcuts, a horrifying murder story reminiscent of Greek tragedy, a story of star-crossed love, and a touching miner’s ballad. These…

Julia Secklehner | 30/04/2018

Talk: Czech Tech

Roger Aitken, a Forbes contributor and ex-FT staff journalist, will delve into the extent of inventions. The Czech and Slovak lands could be said to have punched above their weight when it comes to inventors and their inventions. There is even an old adage – Zlaté české ručičky a chytré české hlavičky – meaning “golden…

Julia Secklehner | 17/04/2018

Performance Literature and Sound Poetry: Tomáš Přidal at the European Poetry Festival

Czech poet and illustrator Tomáš Přidal is coming to The European Poetry Festival 2018. The festival brings together some of the finest literary and avant-garde poets of this generation, to London and across the UK, to collaborate, perform and share the brilliance of contemporary European literature. Tomáš Přidal will take part in the following two…

Julia Secklehner | 07/04/2018

CONCERT: Wihan Quartet

Hailed in the press as “one of the best quartets in the world today”, the Wihan Quartet perform music by Suk, Haydn and Richter at Conway Hall. Over the years the Quartet has developed an outstanding reputation for the interpretation of its native Czech heritage, and of the many classical, romantic and modern masterpieces of…

Julia Secklehner | 11/03/2018

PERFORMANCE: Jan Petýrek and Luli Perez: AROUSAL

Part of the IRRUPTIVE CHORA project developed by Royal College of Art and Chalton Gallery, Czech video artist Jan Petýrek and Luli Perez present AROUSAL – a performative measurement of the collective consciousness of the audience. Utilizing empirical methods in a room with three assistants who will work with the audience – measuring their blood…

Julia Secklehner | 11/03/2018