Rabbit à la Berlin (2009)

Rediscovering the Berlin Wall: Borders and Boundaries. Love and Rabbits. (Film Review) 


I have never seen the Berlin Wall but I was born behind it in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, a few years before its fall in 1989. In the aftermath of the fall of communism, the Berlin Wall, although physically destroyed, couldn’t have been more present and real. Its legacy shaped my life and the life of…

Yulia Tosheva-Haggard | 21/11/2019

KINOTEKA REVIEW: ‘The Jester’ (Green and Nowina-Przybylsk, 1937) – a brilliant mixture of imaginative theatre and Yiddish family life


The Jester, a Polish movie in Yiddish co-directed by Joseph Green and Jan Nowina-Przybylsk in 1937 and restored by the National Center for Jewish Film in 2008, transports us into the world of a vibrant Yiddish culture, values and humour prior to the First World War. The black-and-white movie narrates a romantic tale set against…

Yulia Tosheva-Haggard | 05/04/2018