DASH CAFE:Teffi and ‘The Émigré Flight from Russia’


The most recent event in the Revolution17 series, organised by Dash Arts, took place on 24 May at Rich Mix, focusing on the fate of Russian émigrés who fled the country after the October Revolution. The organisers chose to shape the evening around the figure of Teffi (Nadezhda Lokhvitskaya), a famous satirical writer and poetess…

Sofia Gurevich | 07/06/2017

EXHIBITION REVIEW: ‘Another Russia: Post-Soviet Printmaking’ at the V&A


Another Russia: Post-Soviet Printmaking is one of V&A’s newest temporary displays, comprising around 40-50 graphic works and  offering both a fascinating insight into the post-Soviet printmaking practice and a glimpse into V&A’s contemporary art collecting activity. All works on view are the museum’s recent acquisitions, some made possible through the help of grant funds, and…

Sofia Gurevich | 25/02/2017

DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: ‘Revolution — New Art for a New World’ (Kinmonth, 2016) – comprehensive and visually striking, but strictly for beginners


Revolution — New Art for a New World is a new documentary by a filmmaker Margy Kinmonth, which premiered in London last week and is expected to show at cinemas across the UK and around the world. Its release is timely, coinciding both with the approaching centenary of the Russian Revolution and a wide range…

Sofia Gurevich | 13/11/2016

‘The Politics of Societal Digestion’ (Delfina Foundation) – Tomáš Uhnák’s fascinating tour of London’s alternative food world


As part of Delfina Foundation’s program The Politics of Food: Markets and Movements, artist Tomáš Uhnák organised a day-long walk that showcased the city’s alternative ways of food distribution and consumption — all in different locations and involving various characters who joined us along the way. By the end of the day, the whole affair…

Sofia Gurevich | 17/09/2016