Frontline Review: ‘Oleg’s Choice’ (Volochine & Keogh, 2016): the Russian war in Donbass


Oleg’s Choice is an honest and raw portrayal of war’s psychological effects. Oleg and Max, a commander and soldier in BARS Battalion, are both Russians who – provoked into action by propaganda – volunteered to fight in the Donbass region, in a conflict raging since 2014. Filmmakers Elena Volochine and James Keogh met Oleg in…

Rachel Nicholson | 25/05/2016
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The Search for the Balkan War Criminals – a Frontline Club Event with Julian Borger, by Rachel Nicholson

Julian Borger’s The Butcher’s Trail: How the Search for the Balkan War Criminals Became the World’s Most Successful Manhunt is a historical account – which ‘reads like a thriller’ – of the largest manhunt in history since World War II. Author and journalist Adam Lebor chaired the Frontline Club’s panel discussion about Borger’s book, which…

Rachel Nicholson | 15/03/2016

The Destruction of Truth: the Donbass Region and Old Bucharest, by Rachel Nicholson

‘Since it is 25 years since the end of communism, we have decided to talk about the end of communism,’ began Oliver Bullough in his introduction to Frontline Club’s event on Wednesday February 24th. Onstage with him were two writers, Peter Pomerantsev and Philip Ó Ceallaigh, recently featured in Granta magazine’s newest issue ‘No Man’s…

Rachel Nicholson | 01/03/2016
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MADE IN PRAGUE: ‘The Life of the Schizophrenic Poet Alexander März’ (Jasný, 1975), reviewed by Rachel Nicholson


The Made in Prague Festival is currently celebrating Vojtěch Jasný’s 90th birthday. Hailed as a “film” hero for many Czech filmmakers and the “spiritual father of the Czech New Wave,” the Czech Centre and Goethe Institute are screening a series of his films as part of the Hommage to Vojtěch Jasný season from November 6th-26th.…

Rachel Nicholson | 13/11/2015

Patience is Key: Re-examining the Dayton Agreement 20 Years On, by Rachel Nicholson

Twenty years after the Dayton Agreement, the mood at the Frontline Club on Wednesday November 4th wasn’t openly optimistic. To commemorate, reflect and look ahead, Frontline arranged a panel of speakers chaired by Alan Little, who served as a correspondent in Bosnia for the BBC. The panel represented different experiences in the war and relationships…

Rachel Nicholson | 10/11/2015