KINOTEKA REVIEW: Polish Animation Classics – an existentialist feast


Scene One: A crowd gets eaten by the roasted chickens and crabs on the banquet table. Scene Two: As a train moves, all that an onscreen silhouette of a man sees is a repetitive countryside landscape saturated with an intense green colour. Yet as soon as the man gets into the city, the landscape becomes…

Paula Erizanu | 15/04/2017

OGNISKO KINOCLUB REVIEW: ’80 Million’: Ocean’s 11 meets Solidarity in Waldemar Krzystek’s fast-paced thriller


In 80 Million, the 2011 film from Waldemar Krzystek, Ocean’s 11 meets the Solidarity Movement in 1980s Poland. It’s fast paced, witty, fun and easy, yet driven by an idealism which the American blockbuster lacks. Directed by Waldemar Krzystek in 2011, it’s set the tone for a new way of approaching Poland’s experience of communism. ‘We didn’t…

Paula Erizanu | 23/03/2017

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘The Wawel Dragon’: ‘Unleash your inner child…’


The theatre company Gods and Monsters and directors Nastazja Domaradzka and Phil Willmott  have adapted the Polish story The Wawel Dragon: the story of a people fighting the legendary monster by the Wawel Castle – one of Poland’s foremost tourist attractions. The story goes thus: Princess Wanda inherits the throne over the Wawel kingdom from her…

Paula Erizanu | 20/09/2016

A Royal Conversation: HRH Crown Princess Margareta of Romania at the RCI

The Hohenzollerns, the German dynasty that ruled Romania from 1866 until 1947  (when the communist regime was installed) are little known in the UK. But their stories involve a whole range of monarchs across Europe, including Queen Victoria. To an audience of over a hundred both standing and sitting, Princess Margareta of Romania presented her…

Paula Erizanu | 19/07/2016