‘An Unassuming Icon’ – Fashion legend Barbara Hulanicki at Ognisko Polskie

When Barbara Hulanicki came to speak at the Ognisko last Monday on a whistlestop tour from Miami – where she lives and runs a design business – she was dressed, as always, in her trademark head to toe black (a colour of which she claims there are at least 30 different shades). With her black…

Olenka Hamilton | 03/05/2016
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‘Europe’s New Headache?’ Polish Law and Justice comes to Chatham House, by Olenka Hamilton

Since its election in October 2015, Poland’s new government has been criticised by many in the media as nationalistic, eurosceptic and right-wing. The Economist has called it ‘far right’, branding Poland ‘Europe’s new headache’. Within days of winning the elections, the Law and Justice Party (PiS) tightened its grip on the judiciary, the security services…

Olenka Hamilton | 22/02/2016
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Dan Cruickshank: ‘Warsaw: Resurrecting History’ – reviewed by Olenka Hamilton

Dan Cruickshank is a writer, art historian, architectural consultant and broadcaster who’s made numerous history and culture programmes for the BBC including Around the World in Eighty Treasures;  Under Fire: Culture and Conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq; The Country House Revealed, and Warsaw: Resurrecting History. In London on February 16th, he descended on Ognisko Polskie’s…

Olenka Hamilton | 21/02/2016