'Demon' (Wrona, 2015)

PLAY POLAND PREVIEW: ‘Demon’ (Wrona, 2015) – an exotic allegory of politics today


Marcin Wrona was a rising star of Polish cinema before his untimely death in 2015 and Demon, his final and most ambitious work, would have been his breakthrough had he lived. It’s a curious, unsettling film, made more so by parallels between the life of its director and protagonist, which will no doubt earn it…

Natasha Berger | 19/11/2016

KINOTEKA 2016: ‘Body’ (Szumowska, 2015) & ‘Demon’ (Wrona, 2015) – a shared thematic DNA

In 2014, a small, resolutely arty, black and white film delivered a seismic shock to Poland’s film industry, which had been wheezing along in uninspired fashion for years. The improbable story of a nun exploring her Jewish roots, Ida toured world festivals to widespread acclaim, eventually winning director Paweł Pawlikowski a foreign film Oscar.  So…

Natasha Berger | 15/04/2016
bartok blue

‘Viv McLean & David LePage play Bartók’, reviewed by Natasha Berger

The 20th century’s great musical maverick and forerunner of our sampling, appropriating, multicultural world, Béla Bartók may well be the hippest composer in the canon. The first to synthesize the folk elements of his native Hungary with the avant-garde of his day, he was also a kind of proto-ethnomusicologist, collecting and transcribing music from remote…

Natasha Berger | 05/02/2015