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‘Mother Tongue’: From Transylvania to the Big Apple – A short story by Mike Ormsby

“Do you like comics?” says Razvan, rummaging in a kitchen cupboard. He’s nine years old and has a large collection. I smile across the room. “Everyone likes comics.” “Not in our house,” says younger brother Tudor, leaning in at the doorway and watching us with big brown eyes. He wears flip-flops and Mickey Mouse shorts.…

Mike Ormsby | 25/11/2014
Image by Antony Stanley

‘Not So Lucky’ – a short story from Romania, by Mike Ormsby

I remember this place, always will. I should have kept my mouth shut. Play with fire, right? But that was years ago. I can walk through Bucharest’s Gara de Nord feeling older and wiser, now. The big railway station looks so different today – modern, revamped. Shiny kiosks bulge with glossy magazines, rows of chocolate,…

Mike Ormsby | 08/10/2014
Corneliu Popescu

‘Buried’ A short story from Romania, by Mike Ormsby

43 Celsius: the hottest day of the year so far. I decide to walk up town, just to see how it feels. No point hiding indoors, better to adapt, that’s how humans survive. Plus, there is something I need to do – find out about Romanian writers. The Internet helps, but not much; Wikipedia offers…

Mike Ormsby | 07/06/2014