HUNGARY 60: ‘Distorting Mirrors’ (Lajos Péter) – a tale of 1956


Sixty years have passed in the blink of an eye. Yet for many who are still alive, Distorting Mirrors (written by Péter Lajos and directed by Dave Spencer) brought back memories of 1956 so vividly it was as if it were yesterday when a peaceful student-spurred demonstration turned into one of the bloodiest uprisings against…

Kata Karath | 02/11/2016

REVIEW: ‘Burning Doors’ (Belarus Free Theatre) – ‘incinerating the line between performance and real life’


Incinerating the line between performance and real life, Belarus Free Theatre’s Burning Doors drives home that the right to express yourself, through art or even plain thought, is still behind an iron curtain in some – even European – countries. Within Soho Theatre’s flashing neon exterior, BFT shows – through the stories of Russian political…

Kata Karath | 08/09/2016

LCP Dance Theatre: ‘Escape’ – ‘we emerge to the surface gasping for breath, …more alive than before’


Distant gaze downwards, slightly tilted head, lips tightened into a bitter curve – it’s the face of someone remembering hard times. Without a single word spoken, Escape by Joanna Puchala confronts us with the literal embodiment of one long memory of exhaustion, doubt, fear, endurance and hope, a refugee’s journey searching for freedom. Hidden just around…

Kata Karath | 10/08/2016

Papercut Theatre: ‘I’m Not Jesus Christ’ (Manolescu, 2007) at Theatre N16


‘How many children dream of being Jesus!?’ This question echoes throughout Maria Manolescu’s I’m Not Jesus Christ, and we all learn in this blackly comic tale that the answer is a contradictory one. Written by Maria Manolescu in 2007, I’m Not Jesus Christ showcases both British and Romanian actors, with a pleasing mixture of accents…

Kata Karath | 16/05/2016

‘Angels, Adolescents and Trucks: New Romanian Books in English’ at Waterstone’s Piccadilly

Marking the growing presence of Romanian literature on English bookshelves, Angels, Adolescents and Trucks: New Romanian Books in English was a talk at Waterstones Piccadilly,  dedicated to celebrating some recently translated gems of the country’s contemporary literature. Organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute, part of their colourful program for the London Book Fair, the audience…

Kata Karath | 18/04/2016