Magda Vásáryová  as Marketa Lazarová

‘Marketa Lazarová’ reviewed by Jonathan Karstadt

Citizen Kane has long been referred to as “the greatest film ever made,” a view which was until recently corroborated by Sight & Sound‘s prestigious decennial poll of critics and filmmakers (it was displaced by Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo in the 2012 edition after 50 years in the top spot.) Regardless of whether this epithet is deserved, some argue that such rankings…

Jonathan Karstadt | 15/09/2014

Jonathan Karstadt reviews Mythmaking at the Floating Cinema


Czech conceptual artist Kateřina Šedá creates works using some of the vastest canvases imaginable: a whole village in Moravia, a suburb of San Francisco, a vast chunk of central London; yet, centred as they are around the committed involvement of community members, they are also definitively intimate, allowing only the few who take part to…

Jonathan Karstadt | 22/08/2014
Photo by Tomas Moudry

Jonathan Karstadt reviews ‘4’ by Prague supergroup Eggnoise


Since its formation in 1994, the Czech band Eggnoise has defied classification with its frenetic genre-hopping. With the ability to evoke Radiohead, Donald Byrd and Simon & Garfunkel over the course of a single record, the band’s first three albums What a World (2003), Albumen (2007) and Yolk (2010) are characterised by relentless musical experimentation…

Jonathan Karstadt | 08/08/2014

Jonathan Karstadt reviews Matthew Webb’s ‘Carbon Journey’ exhibition at Pushkin House

The former territory of the Soviet Union is blessed with a wealth of natural resources: Russia alone boasts over 850 million hectares of forest, the world’s largest reserves of natural gas and the second largest reserve of fresh water. However, there has been little effort in the region to preserve this abundance of natural heritage.…

Jonathan Karstadt | 16/06/2014
Claudia Campagnol

Jonathan Karstadt interviews Hungarian jazz singer Claudia Campagnol

I am at the very chic 606 Club in Chelsea, where jazz singer Claudia Campagnol is due to perform as part of the club’s Musician XChange programme, whose aim is to expose top class acts from around the world to a British jazz audience. Originally from Hungary, Campagnol moved to Sweden with her family when…

Jonathan Karstadt | 13/06/2014
'My Day'

Jonathan Karstadt reviews Viktor Popkov: Genius of the Russian Soul at Somerset House

When westerners think of post-war Soviet art, they probably picture works expressing the grand Socialist Realist vision most impressively realised by Yevgeniy Vuchetich’s monumental The Motherland Calls statue in Volgograd. What probably doesn’t come to mind are colourful and expressionist portraits, dream-like works immersed in lavish symbolism, and brooding self-portraits that tackle poignant questions about…

Jonathan Karstadt | 02/06/2014

Jonathan Karstadt reviews Trafačka: Temple of Freedom at Red Gallery, Shoreditch

The Trafačka artistic collective have been running a countercultural art gallery in the Libeň district of Prague (once home to subversive Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal) since 2007. According to its website: “Trafačka is a creative space, a place for meeting and free expression. At Trafačka it is possible to follow the emerging trends in contemporary…

Jonathan Karstadt | 26/05/2014
loving mayor

KINOTEKA: Jonathan Karstadt reviews Sławomir Fabicki’s ‘Loving’.


Even in these liberal times, violence against women remains a stain on our society; a recent survey by the European Union’s Agency for Fundamental Rights found that one third of women living in the EU have been victims of sexual violence at some point in their adult lives. Most of these cases go unreported, while…

Jonathan Karstadt | 13/05/2014