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‘Akhmatova. Anrep. Berlin.’ at Pushkin House, reviewed by Jo Varney


At Pushkin House,  until 29th April 2015, is an installation by the acclaimed Russian artists Vitaly Pushnitsky and Olga Jurgenson.  Curated by Elena Zaytseva, Akhmatova. Anrep. Berlin. is an exhibition that explores Silver Age poetess Anna Akhmatova’s relationship with two fellow countrymen, the philosopher-historian Isaiah Berlin and the artist Boris Anrep. The archives of Pushkin…

Jo Varney | 14/02/2015
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‘Life in a Jar: Childhood Experiences of the Holocaust’, reviewed by Jo Varney

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a packed British Library conference centre heard the remarkable stories of three people: Erich Reich was four years old when he was taken on the Kindertransport from Vienna to London; Lili Stern-Pohlmann was hidden by a naïve but kindly German woman in an…

Jo Varney | 01/02/2015
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Serbian Month 2015: ‘(un)decorated’ reviewed by Jo Varney


(Un)decorated  is the opening event from the seventh ‘Serbian Month in Great Britain′, which this year runs between 13 January and 28 February. It’s a drama set on the Balkan front in 1915, and at its heart are the stories of three women:  British adventuress Flora Sandes (1876—1956);  Serbian shepherdess-turned-fighter Milunka Savić (1890—1973) and the…

Jo Varney | 19/01/2015
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Bulgarian Auteur Poster Art: ‘Favourite City’ at the BCI, reviewed by Jo Varney

The exhibition Favourite City at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute  is one of the final events in this year’s London Festival of Bulgarian Culture, and the first London Exhibition of contemporary Bulgarian poster and graphic design.  Curated by Anna Simeonoff,  co-founder of the online Sophia-based graphic arts platform PlakatKombinat and a designer specialising in posters, book covers and…

Jo Varney | 17/12/2014