MUSIC Review: ‘Dagadana’ at the Green Note Cafe – ‘very heartily recommended’


The Green Note is a very intimate venue and with around 70 people inside, the atmosphere was buzzing even before Dagadana entered – so when they did appear with the two female band-members adorned in traditional floral headdresses, they received a very warm welcome. This four-piece (three from Poland and one from Ukraine) is composed…

Ian Mole | 12/07/2019
Photo (c) @taraarts

MUSIC Review: Oysland at the Tara Theatre – ‘music that contains some sorrow, but is more than counterbalanced by celebration’


‘You have to beat the sorrow with celebration’ is an old Roma saying and Oysland’s set contains some sorrow, but this is more than counterbalanced by celebration. This well-established, London-based Klezmer band are comprised of lead vocalist Lori Secanska, Olga Baron on violin, John MacNaughton on clarinet, Iakovos Loukas on semi-acoustic guitar and Twm Dylan…

Ian Mole | 08/07/2019

MUSIC REVIEW: Thom Artway at the Troubadour – “a very enjoyable evening”


It was only five months ago that Thom and his band first appeared at the Troubadour, but their show has changed a lot in that time. They included five songs from their latest CD All I Know but there were also a number of new ones, as well as three covers. The last time they were…

Ian Mole | 14/05/2019
Carnival Youth

Music Review: ‘Birthday’ and ‘Phantom Planet’, two new singles by Latvian band Carnival Youth – “what’s not to like?”


The Riga indie trio Carnival Youth comprises twins Edgars and Emils Kaupers on guitar and drums respectively and Roberts Vanags on keyboards, while they all contribute vocals. They appear to have parted company with their bassist Alexsis in recent years. They’ve been together since 2012 and have so far released two albums, No Clouds Allowed (2014)…

Ian Mole | 30/04/2019