HUNGARY 60: 1956 – Whose Revolution Exactly? A CEEL exclusive by writer and poet George Szirtes

Writer and poet George Szirtes left Budapest as a child-refugee in 1956. Now, surveying the country 60 years later, he finds a Hungary not so different from the one he left.  _______________________________________________________ Just about now, every year, Hungarians commemorate the outbreak of the Uprising of 1956. This year is special. It is the sixtieth anniversary.…

George Szirtes | 21/10/2016

Hungary, Frontier Village, by George Szirtes

When God created the world he invented history a few seconds before he did economics. Being a poet – and, it is said, the Muses are the Daughters of Memory- he liked to let them float beside each other and observe the shapes they made. One of the more memorable but highly shifting shapes was…

George Szirtes | 25/09/2015