great Patriotic war (2)

Victory Day weekend in London, by Eugenia Ellanskaya

It’s been a busy weekend for the Russian community in London. 9th of May 2015 – V-Day in Russia – marked the day when 70 years ago the Nazi forces capitulated to the Soviet army. The end of the war that for USSR took away up to 27 million lives and left many more millions…

Eugenia Ellanskaya | 12/05/2015

Kinoteka 2015: Andrzej Munk’s Eroica (1958) reviewed by Eugenia Ellanskaya


A 50s Polish war comedy? This summary and Andrzej Munk’s epic title Eroica could promise an hour-worth of quality nap time to those unfamiliar with Polish wit and good taste. Although Munk’s work is not a cinematographic gem like, say, the legendary works of Krzysztof Kieślowski or Andrzej Wajda  (the latter more apt to the…

Eugenia Ellanskaya | 09/04/2015
apple game doctor and anna

Věra Chytilová Festival: ‘The Apple Game’ (1977) reviewed by Eugenia Ellanskaya


When the beautiful young Anna joins a busy birth ward in Prague’s hospital, everything seems to go wrong. She drops things and fusses, gets in everyone’s way and can’t perform even mundane tasks like plugging in a device in an operating theatre. The doctors despair in eye-rolling  frustration, but the obstetrician, Dr. John, soon sends…

Eugenia Ellanskaya | 17/03/2015
Protection of Plants 1

Nikita Kadan – ‘Limits of Responsibility’ at the Waterside Contemporary Gallery, reviewed by Eugenia Ellanskaya

Nikita Kadan – a young conceptual artist from Kiev, Ukraine – is nationally renowned for his social art projects. In 2014 Forbes listed this 31-year-old as one of Ukraine’s 25 most successful artists, based on the commercial success of some 20% of his fine art pieces. But it’s Kadan’s non-commercial works, exploring human conflict and…

Eugenia Ellanskaya | 20/02/2015
The Russian Virtuosi of Europe

‘The Russian Virtuosi of Europe’ with Boris Grebenshikov at Cadogan Hall, reviewed by Eugenia Ellanskaya

What better place for Londoners to submerge themselves in Russian culture than Chelsea? Here the Russian language can be heard at virtually every street-corner, the area a favourite residence and leisure hotspot for many well-off expats. But it’s not just about the clichéd luxurious world of Meet the Russians: some truly soulful glimpses of Russian culture…

Eugenia Ellanskaya | 18/01/2015
'The Left Hander,' image by MARK ALLAN/BARBICAN

Mariinsky Opera’s ‘The Left-Hander’ at the Barbican, reviewed by Eugenia Ellanskaya


Conductor Valery Gergiev, composer Rodion Shchedrin and the Mariinsky Opera itself – these names have long been brands of quality and style in Russian theatre culture. The title of their latest production at the Barbican – The Left-Hander – is perhaps unfamiliar to many, but its fantastical plot is undoubtedly topical for Russia’s relationship with…

Eugenia Ellanskaya | 12/11/2014

‘Capturing Carpathia’ at the Romanian Cultural Institute, reviewed by Eugenia Ellanskaya

George Butler is a talented young illustrator, with a special focus on travel and current affairs. Having previously explored such hot subjects as the oil fields of Azerbaijan, soldiers in Afghanistan and the Syrian civil war, his latest exhibition at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London was dedicated to the lush region of Transylvania. This…

Eugenia Ellanskaya | 10/11/2014