Bega Blues Band, Richmix Shoreditch,  June 15 2016, London,  Johnny Bota, Mircea Bunea, Toni Kuhn, Lucian Nagy, Vasile Dolga, Maria Chioran

CONCERT REVIEW: ‘Scores for Scores’ by the Bega Blues Band at Rich Mix Shoreditch


After the tension of three Euro 2016 footballs matches back to back, the Bega Blues Band – on Wednesday 15th June – was thankfully on hand to defuse the evening at Richmix Shoreditch. The Bega Blues Band’s sound was unapologetically steeped in its genre’s roots and reminded us of the merits of what would now…

Depo Olukotun | 20/06/2016

REVIEW – TiK: Marrying the strange bedfellows of pop and (Ukrainian) history


The spirited Tik concert at London’s Scala Kings Cross crowned the unofficial Ukrainian week of music. Still high from winning the Eurovision song contest, the mainly Ukrainian crowd were jubilantly clapping and jumping around – their take on dancing – to the brass of the ensemble and vocal displays of Tik’s frontman Viktor Broniuk, an…

Depo Olukotun | 21/05/2016
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The Maciek Pysz Quartet at Pizza Express, reviewed by Depo Olukotun


The Maciek Pysz Quartet, in the intimate setting of the Soho Pizza Express Jazz Club, warmed up a chilly Tuesday night. With the strums of Pysz’s flamenco guitar it also placed Europe – perhaps unwittingly – firmly on the menu. The continent – though never specifically mentioned – was a recurrent and edifying theme throughout,…

Depo Olukotun | 27/02/2016
Tina Karol

Ukraine’s Digital-Age Evita: Tina Karol at the Troxy, reviewed by Depo Olukotun


To describe Tina Karol as a Ukrainian national treasure and institution might seem far-fetched, yet Karol’s concert at the Troxy in East London had to be seen to be believed, and the experience warmed up the wintry Saturday evening of January the 30th. Did British legends like Elton John, the Rolling Stones or the recently…

Depo Olukotun | 05/02/2016
Lőrinc Barabás at The Forge Camden London, Friday  11 December 2015

Lőrinc Barabás at the Forge Camden, reviewed by Depo Olukotun


A live music set isn’t often a metaphor for staying power and rising to a challenge, yet Lőrinc Barabás’ appearance at the Forge Camden certainly is. Lőrinc Barabás or Barabás Lőrinc – in Hungary the surname is written first – launching his latest studio album Elevator Dance Music on the night, is a multi-instrumentalist one-man-band:…

Depo Olukotun | 16/12/2015

Klezmer Band Oysland at Jamboree, reviewed by Depo Olukotun


It was a twenty-something crowd – mainly – that was basking in the glow of Oysland’s klezmer music: Klezmer, a label roughly alluding to Eastern European or Balkan Jewish music, making Oysland a Yiddish folk act. Being both Balkan and Jewish, the band’s set was European with an unmistakable combination of Middle Eastern, Romani and…

Depo Olukotun | 08/10/2015
shepherd two (2)

Shepherds of Cats featuring Panelak, reviewed by Depo Olukotun


Pasterze Kotów’s (Shepherds of Cats) improv music creeps up on you and steals your attention but not in a ghoulish sense. The ensemble start their set without introducing themselves or their tracks, and only a good few minutes into their playing does it dawn on you that what you thought was a process of tuning…

Depo Olukotun | 15/07/2015
toto resized

‘Toto and His Sisters’ (Nanau, 2014) reviewed by Depo Olukotun


Toto and His Sisters’, the title of the new documentary from Alexandre Nanau, is,  as titles go, unremarkable and innocuous enough. Likewise the Emmy Award-winning director, in the promotional text accompanying it, merely promises  “the astonishing family story of Toto (10) his sisters Ana (17) and Andreea (15)”. Neither of these things prepares you in…

Depo Olukotun | 29/06/2015