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Kinoteka 2015: ‘To Kill This Love’ (Morgenstern, 1972) reviewed by Colin Swatridge


To Kill This Love was made in 1972 by Janusz Morgenstern. Janusz Głowaska, who wrote the script, sought to show ‘very different kinds of love – beautiful, funny, pathetic, resigned’. The first of these loves, perhaps the ‘funny’ one, is between a warehouse janitor and a stray dog. Shots of the man enticing the dog…

Colin Swatridge | 19/04/2015
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GODS (BOGOWIE), dir. Łukasz Palkowski, reviewed by Colin Swatridge


‘This film, brilliantly done, can ONLY be understood by the Polish people.’ This comment was posted by a proud Pole in response to Leslie Felperin’s Guardian review of Bogowie, published on 23 October 2014. I am not a Pole, and have no Polish, but I saw the film the week before in south-east Poland, in…

Colin Swatridge | 19/11/2014