Cristian Luchian, 'Living in Between'.

The London Salon of Romanian Art, reviewed by Camelia Ciobanu

This September, the ICR is hosting ‘The London Salon of Romanian Art’, as part of a new permanent programme. It’s different from previous art displays:  the five names on show –  Florin Ungureanu, Cristian Luchian, Monica Madas, Ioana Pioaru and Viniciu Les – are young Romanians coming not from Romania but living and working in…

Camelia Ciobanu | 25/09/2015
FA MI LOC 2 (2)

Anthony Michineau’s ‘Let Me In!’ (‘Fa-mi loc!’) reviewed by Camelia Ciobanu


The ever-growing Romanian community in London has created a demand for entertainment, and at the Leicester Square Theatre, Tales Told in Romanian meet this hunger by organising regular performances of well-known Romanian artists. One of the latest was the Romantic Comedy Let Me In! (Fa-mi loc!) by Anthony Michineau, starring Medeea Marinescu and Marius Manole, and…

Camelia Ciobanu | 22/05/2015
Ana Blandiana 2

Romanian Poet Ana Blandiana at the RCI, by Camelia Ciobanu

Ana Blandiana,the greatest Romanian living poet, is both of yesterday and today. To many she’s known as a dissident poet. Born in 1942 in Timisoara, she had her first poem published at the age of 17.With her father a priest and political prisoner, Ana Blandiana started her career as an ‘enemy of the people’ and…

Camelia Ciobanu | 04/05/2015

‘Paris of the East: An Evening of French and Romanian Songs’, reviewed by Camelia Ciobanu

The Romanian Cultural Institute London  has just celebrated the International Week of the Francophonie, an organization that recognizes 57 countries affiliated with French culture, either through having French as mother tongue or through cultural and historical ties. Together with the newly born Rimbaud &Verlaine Foundation  in London, the ICR  put together an evening of poetry…

Camelia Ciobanu | 31/03/2015
blouse 2 (2)

‘The Romanian Blouse’ by Camelia Ciobanu

If Shakespeare was right and  ‘the clothes make the man’ would the proposition: ‘A blouse makes a woman’ be too far fetched? The blouse in question is the Romanian ie, a symbol Romanians everywhere would bow to unequivocally. Part of the traditional costume, it’s become a well-known export and has travelled well beyond its humble…

Camelia Ciobanu | 11/03/2015

Florin Piersic Jr’s ‘Freak Show’ reviewed by Camelia Ciobanu


Humanity is by no means short of afflictions and artists never tire of exposing them. One of these exposés is Florin Piersic jr.’s latest theatre project Freak Show, which has just made it to London’s West End. The play is in Romanian, and is the ultimate one-man show –  written, directed and acted by Piersic…

Camelia Ciobanu | 02/02/2015
Romanian stage legend Ion Caramitru

Remembering Romania 1989: actor Ion Caramitru at the ICR, by Camelia Ciobanu

It’s 25 years since the events of 1989, a year that not only changed Eastern Europe but the world.  In December of that year, in Romania in the former Eastern Bloc, the choice was limited: to go out into the streets to fight for freedom or pray for it. There had been 42 years of…

Camelia Ciobanu | 17/12/2014