A “Poem” for the Romanian Verse: an inspiring introduction to 1980s Romanian poetry


‘It is always inspiring to look at a single decade of a single country and realize how absolutely varied it is’ – Sean Shibe, guitarist A panel discussion was held at the Romanian Cultural Institute regarding the new edition of ‘Poem’ magazine that consists of translated Romanian poetry. The magazine’s prolific founder, Fiona Sampson, was…

Andreea Scridon | 05/12/2016

MADE IN PRAGUE PREVIEW: ‘Always Together’ (Tomanová, 2014) – stoic and humane portrait of an alternative lifestyle, that does not go far enough


Eva Tomanová’s documentary Always Together (2014) offers a glimpse into the strange life of an unconventional family with nine children, living in what amounts to an immense improvised treehouse in the shadow of a remote mountain, and migrating to Spain like a flock of birds each year. The most interesting figure in the film is…

Andreea Scridon | 22/11/2016

CONCERT REVIEW: ‘Jazz from the Playing Card Factory’ – Sorin Zlat and his Trio


Jazz certainly isn’t the type of music that would come to mind for most people on hearing the names ‘Rimbaud’ and ‘Verlaine’. This feeling of surprise persisted throughout the duration of the evening at Kings Place, with Sorin Zlat as composer and pianist, Andrew Trim on the drums and Michele Montolli on the bass. There…

Andreea Scridon | 17/10/2016

DANCE REVIEW: ‘L’OM DADA’ at Sadler’s Wells – an electric atmosphere of triumph


A rocking chair and a wooden bench are illuminated in the dimness of the theatre. One man sits holding his head on the bench; the other reclines in the rocking chair with a sombre expression. They are Gigi Caciuleanu and Lari Giorgescu, both subtle and full of graceful power. Immediately, they enter into a strange,…

Andreea Scridon | 30/09/2016

FILM REVIEW: ‘Self Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter’ (Lungu, 2015) at the Revolution in Realism Romanian Film Festival


Self Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter, Ana Lungu’s 2015 debut-feature, follows – or rather studies – Cristiana, its title character, in her daily environment. Long, pensive sequences give the viewer a voyeuristic impression of a young woman’s life as she pursues her PhD, her amorous and familial relationships, and the acquisition of a dog. As…

Andreea Scridon | 25/06/2016