excursionist train (2)

The Excursionist (Juzėnas, 2013) reviewed by Agne Dovydaityte


Hearing about The Excursionist (2013), a Lithuanian historical drama of the post-war years in Lithuania,  I remembered a short conversation I’d had with a young Russian student: ‘Why do a lot of older Lithuanians understand the Russian language?’ he asked. ‘Well, because we were occupied for 50 years,’ I said. ‘So that’s what you call it,…

Agne Dovydaityte | 04/07/2015
Cepelinai-FortoDvaras,Vilnius (2)

Berneliu Uzeiga Lithuanian Restaurant, Leytonstone, reviewed by Agne Dovydaityte


Lithuania, they say, is a society built on potatoes. Almost all Lithuanian national dishes are made from them: boiled, mashed, grated, roast, stuffed, potato pancakes, potato pie… For a lover of Asian cuisine our dishes would probably taste unbearably bland and contain much too much fat: something the average Lithuanian, working in the fields, once…

Agne Dovydaityte | 20/05/2015